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How to Master the Game of

The popularity of game is undeniable. But do you know how to become a pro player? We've listed tips and tricks you need to enjoy one of the hottest online games at Manti Games. may be one of the most popular browser games right now, and of the last several years. In case you didn’t know, below is an overview of the game.
What is
Developed by Matheus Valadares and released in 2015, has appealed to thousands of players. is an online action game that involves a massive number of players. Developed by Matheus Valadares and released in 2015, it has appealed to thousands of players and even gotten greenlit on Steam Greenlight for further development, although as of 2018 the game is yet to be released in any concrete way.
How to play is an easy-to-play game. 
This is an easy-to-play game. Just choose a username. Land on a board or grid. Your goal is to become bigger by eating the smaller cells out there, while avoiding being absorbed by the bigger blobs. Otherwise, it’s game over.
Shortly after you begin getting large enough, you can start consuming other smaller blobs to grow bigger. To put it simply, you absorb and avoid being absorbed. 
To control, just use your trackpad/mouse, the SPACEBAR as well as ‘W’ key. Your blob is navigated around by the mouse. You can divide your cell(s) in half using the SPACEBAR. With the ‘W’ key, you eject mass to feed other players, or shoot viruses into their blobby bellies. This key also allows you to lose some weight to move out of a challenging spot faster.
Tips and tricks of playing may be one of the most addictive games to play online now. Some tips help its fans rock the game.
1. Hide behind viruses to protect your blob (if you’re small enough)
A nearby virus is probably the key to surviving. 
As a small blob, you will find yourself threatened continuously by bigger blobs. They come after you to absorb you. It’s difficult for you to get away from a very large aggressive cell controlled by a fourteen year-old from Denver. There’s a way though. A nearby virus is probably the key to surviving. Viruses are not large blobs’ favorites. Once the bigger blobs connect with the viruses, the virus will cause the blob to explode. Stay away from unfriendly blobs by hiding your blob behind a virus.
2. Split your enemies by using viruses
As mentioned above, viruses are powerful enough to cut bigger blobs down to size. If you are trying to win over a rival, it can be helpful to feed a virus. Press the ‘W’ key seven times towards the virus to shoot. And when it runs into the blob you were fighting against, it is likely to split that blob into pieces.
3. Benefit from using corners and edges
There are limits to the game space. Once you know where they are, it’s possible for you to trap or corner your enemy by using them. You will be able to eat the smaller blob that you corner into the game edge, as there’s nowhere for him to run.
4. Use your current attributes to the best advantage
Make the most of your early speed to eat Agar fast. These gelatinous pellets hover around the map. Strive to look for a place that there are just some competing players. Keep eating pellets to grow big enough to absorb your competition. Then move to other strategies that depend on your size.
5. Don’t hesitate to split when you get large and hunting 
As mentioned before, your speed has to do with your size. If you move around restlessly and stealthily in search of blobs and become quite big, it will be a good choice to split yourself to move faster and eat smaller blobs around the map.
6. Think twice before teaming
Use the team mode if you want to team. But just help yourself if you use a single player.
Use the team mode if you want to team. But just help yourself if you use a single player. It’s not cool when you are playing and cells are all around you and team up on you. They munch down all of your hard work! So, think carefully before teaming.
7. Tips for players at 200 or so
If your cell is in one piece, be fed more quickly by attempting to grab little cells with space. Also, you will be likely to become large by absorbing a large cell that is divided too much. Start with consuming a little piece, which will increase your chances of eating him all. Another tip is, when you got trapped by a larger cell near the border, pretend to go in one direction, then direct to another way. The larger cell is slower, and it’s necessary for you to make good use of it. 
8. Tips for those in the top
When many middle cells are combating for a destroyed top-cell, you’re advised to press space. Plus, be aware of the viruses; they’re your most annoying enemy. If one hit you, do your best to save little pieces with the large ones. In other circumstances, it’s necessary for you to w to your large part. That way helps diminish your losses. 
For another note, try to trap another cell smaller than yours by abusing borders/corners or using other large cells. When you intend to absorb it in the corner move, your speed will be reduced. So, if you are moving to the down-right corner and you’re at the top left, don’t move down right. Instead, just go down. You will start right at the race’s end. 
Also, deal with a bad situation as well as possible. Sometimes giving up is needed. Protect the most you can by pressing space.
Now that you’re well known about how to master, have fun enjoying the game. Aside from Agario, there are many other addictive online games on PC that you won’t want to miss – for example,,, Zombs Royale,, and BR Racing Simulator. Happy gaming!
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