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Best Free Online Shooting Games To Develop Hand Eye Coordination!

Is this you? We can Help!
These free online shooting games will turn you from spastic to fantastic in absolutely no time! Don't believe us? Why not give them a try? They are completely free and require no download to play! All you have to lose is time and energy…
Is your hand eye coordination so bad that you risk blinding yourself everytime that you have to blow your nose? Do people run and cower in terror everytime that you approach with something in hand, aiming to throw? Is your golden retriever retrieving, but then refusing to give the ball back to you because it fears the consequences of you launching it again? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions you’ll definitely want to read our list of the best free online shooting games to develop your hand eye coordination. Why? To develop your hand eye coordination… Duh.
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Some of the advantages of good hand eye coordination.
Don’t spend money on expensive neuro-scientific test and exercises, that have been expertly developed to enhance hand eye coordination. It’s too expensive and complicated. Plus with all those cables attached to your brain, the scientist might just end up stealing your consciousness and copying it into a machine version of you. What if that machine version is universally better liked than you, and you have to watch in horror as it slowly infiltrates your life, stealing your friends and loved ones away from you and doing everything just a little bit more effectively than you. Now all of a sudden you have become obsolete, all just because you chose to go and have some complicated tests done… Trust me when I tell you that you can trust scientist. Besides, who needs them when you have these brilliant free online shooting games to play right here in your browser, no download required? Don't believe us? Just play the games and see for yourself. We don't demand blind trust, like scientist do with their “science-sy science”...
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Punish the evil convicts!
Load up and Kill
Who doesn’t like the idea of shooting convicts with heavily powered guns? That’s just plain unpatriotic. Convicts are convicts for a reason, they were convicted of a crime and as a result they’ve lost all the rights of a normal human being. Don’t believe me? Just ask any Texan or Russian government official. Why pay taxes to have these cretinous beings live their lives of luxury, sucking like a tick at the teat of the state? That’s not even socialism, that's plain insanity! And don't come blathering about rehabilitation and second chances, where is the rehabilitation and second chances for their victims? Load up and Kill lets you shoot and kill convicts to your blackened, unmerciful heart’s content! This free online shooting game will have you serving up justice in a delicious plethora of carnage! And all while you get to hone your hand eye coordination! There is literally no losers in this scenario. Except for the convicts. But then again, who really cares about the convicts, it’s not like we are all human and prone to make bad decisions from time to time…
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Save Humanity from the zombie apocalypse!
Silent Sniper
It’s an immutable fact that we, as the human race, are obsessed with death. The fear of death is the primary evolutionary driving force that governs every little thing we do. Everything, from brushing our teeth, to searching for a suitable mate to javelin our genetic material into the next generation; we do it because of our fear of death. That might serve as a reason why recently we’ve become so obsessed with the undead. Vampires, werewolves, zombies and demons, they are all over pop culture and consumable media scene. Silent Sniper is a free online shooting game that stems from exactly that obsession. In Silent Sniper you are a sniper that silently snipes zombies at a great distance. This is handy, because there's a hell of a lot of zombies slowly marching towards you. Kill them all and defend the last outpost of humanity! This game is a great way to develop your hand eye coordination as you have to compensate for the minutest of variables in order to deliver a successful kill. The mouse sensitivity offers no mercy as you’ll have to possess surgeon like precision to aim your rifle. Better get to killing son!
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Bring them war, with Military Wars 3D Multiplayer!
Military Wars 3D Multiplayer
Sometimes you discover a game, so straightforwardly named that you can't help but fall in love with it immediately. Games like “Pancake Seller Boy” or “Russian Car Driver”. I’m glad to be able to add to that illustrious list the title of Military Wars 3D Multiplayer. In this free online shooting game you partake in a war, of distinct military nature, rendered in 3D graphics, whilst offering a multiplayer experience. Who would have thought… It has been said that “war is the only human constant” and that “only the dead knows the end of war” and Military Wars 3D Multiplayer tends to agree with these bleak, fatalistic worldviews. Killing helpless convicts and sniping down zombies from a distance is cool and all, but it can't compare to the allout thrill of war! Don't be fooled by the cute font they used for the game name, this online shooting game is an unabashed peddler of death and suffering! The simplistic nature of the 3D graphics allows for high speed carnage and destruction as you race from one obstacle to another, killing any fool unfortunate enough to cross your path. But be warned, this game is only available in the multiplayer so you will be testing your mettle against other seasoned campaigners. If you don't want to be called a noob by some 9 year old in Georgia I sincerely suggest first honing and perfecting your skills with the two previously mentioned games. These are the big leagues and no one will grant you any mercy in this shoot or be shot world.
So there you have it, 3 of the best online shooting games available to be played directly in your browser with no download required. These game will take your hand eye coordination from levels of self destruction to ultimate expert, all while having loads of fun!
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